Rooted in the traditions of American regional cooking, Henley emphasizes genuine hospitality, skillfully crafted food, and creative beverages that brand this restaurant as the place to be in downtown Nashville. Steeped in the history of craftsmanship, every aspect has a story to tell – the design, the menu, the materials, the art.  The setting evokes a sense of discovery and surprises unfold as you move through the space. The journey starts up front with a clean and refined style that becomes more masculine as you continue.

The restaurant comes to life with the local references, from the lighting fixtures and the handcrafted ceramics to the art on the walls and the uniforms on the staff. Rich warm materials of leather, wood, and marble are familiar and timeless honoring a sense of classic design while progressive components create a contemporary twist. Each of these elements contributes to an experience inspired and fueled the progression of American culture.