OZ designs new cinema for Sloans, former St. Anthony’s Central Hospital site

Sloans Cinema

The former site of St. Anthony’s Central Hospital, near Sloan’s Lake between Colfax and W 17th and between Stewart Street and Perry Street, is being redeveloped as a 7 block community with multi-family housing, retail space, a hotel, theater, and office space.  OZ is working on Block 7, which is the only block that fronts Colfax and is the face of the community.  The developer of this block, Littleton Capital Partners, is working in conjunction with The Alamo Drafthouse to create a lively mixed-use site containing an 8 screen theater, 6,000 sf of retail space along Colfax, and adding improvements to the existing 60,000 sf office building on site.

OZ has looked to the iconic surrounding context of Colfax Ave for inspiration and is pulling into the project the large planer signs that line the avenue, the vibrant use of color seen in many of the existing buildings. As a result, we are integrating the typical outdoor advertising in a new and unique way to tie this project into the community while creating a catalyst for development in the area.

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