OZ launches in-house Wellness program

wellness 1

OZ recently formed a Wellness Committee with help from Health Care provider, Cigna.  The committee came together with lots of ideas, excitement and tips to improve health at OZ.  The Wellness Committee still has their deadlines, as any architecture firm does, but at OZ, health is a priority, so the Wellness Committee is juggling their day jobs, creating monthly challenges, producing a newsletter, and making health fun and innovative, all while benefiting the OZ staff.

Over the course of the last 6 months, this small, motivated group looked at Wellness from different perspectives and embraced  it as not just about promoting exercise and eating right but advocating a larger cause that includes: career, mind, emotion, spirit, relationships, finances, relaxation, service to the community and yes, exercise and nutrition.

The OZ Wellness Slogan:

“Balancing mind, body and spirit, to encourage a healthy lifestyle.” With that in the forefront of our OZ brains we move forward into a very exciting (and Well) 2014.

January Challenge

Ahhh Water, everyone knows its importance, but who has time to get up from their computer to refill a water bottle?   In 2014, the OZ Wellness Committee is challenging themselves to promote wellness throughout the firm.  To ease into the Wellness tactic, the committee is starting off by offering exciting monthly challenges and rewarding participation with fun prizes.

The committee posed a question, “How do you get 125 individuals to participate in a Wellness challenge?”

Then they got an idea, and the answer was as clear as water.  Water would be the challenge.

Drink a glass of water, and enter your name in a bucket. The more you drink, the more chances you have to win a first class Camelbak.   The challenge was a complete success and the “Wellness Buckets” full of names from all those water drinkers had to be emptied daily.  At the end of the challenge, it was estimated participants of the Wellness Water Challenge drank over 9,600 ounces of water which equals over 75 gallons!  That is enough water to fill a bathtub to the brim and have 15 gallons leftover!  Congratulations to the randomly picked winner, Dain Carlson!  He will be drinking water out of his new CamelBak all year long.