OZ and Edge of Seven

A non-profit organization that creates educational, health, and economic resources for girls, boys, and women, Edge of Seven provides funding, design assistance, volunteer support and building services for projects in marginalized communities of the developing world. Edge of Seven has several projects completed and underway in Nepal and are currently expanding their efforts to two other countries.

OZ is proud to be involved with Edge of Seven in several ways. Chris Vandall, OZ architect and Associate, is on the Architectural and Engineering Advisory Board and is volunteering as a project manager for one of their newest projects, to be announced at Edge of Seven’s fundraising event on October 9. Chris is coordinating a team of volunteers from OZ, Monroe & Newell, Landworks Design and YR&G to develop a master plan concept. Stay tuned for more information about the project our team is designing.

OFFICIAL Girl Power Event Poster SM
To learn more about Edge of Seven and join us at their Girl Power event on October 9 at the Posner Center, click on these links.