Jalapa School Nicaragua

In collaboration with Edge of Seven, OZ has just completed a master plan for the Jalapa School in Nicaragua.  Edge of Seven is a non-profit agency that supports sustainable building initiatives that ignite access to education, health, and economic opportunities for girls, women, and rural communities across the globe in remote developing communities.  Next, OZ will work on a building design for primary and secondary classrooms with other members of the Edge of Seven Architectural and Engineering Advisory Board.

Edge of Seven, OZ, and Slaterpaull have been asked by University of Colorado Denver’s School of Architecture and Planning Department to collaborate on an International Perspective Course over the fall semester and winter session this year, using an outdoor classroom for the Jalapa School as its focus.  The course will culminate in the Winter Session, to be held on site in Nicaragua and serve as a service learning opportunity to build the outdoor classroom.

Click here to view the Master Plan Concept book. For more information regarding Edge of Seven please click here to visit their website.