OZ Gives – Trail Maintenance Event

On May 30th, 40 volunteers joined Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and worked on the Longhorn Trail at White Ranch Park.  Twelve of those volunteers were from OZ:

  • Katrina Brinkerhoff
  • Chris Vandall
  • Kate, Evan and Josie Fields
  • Ryan LeFave
  • Paul Schultz
  • Noel and Gina Gussenbauer
  • Nicole and Dan Guaydacan
  • Nathan Miesen

Thanks to all of their hard work, visitors to White Ranch Park will be able to utilize a safe and sustainable trail. The team built over 60 drainage structures and restored 2,000 feet of trail. They cleaned out and reshaped over thirty water bars and drains, constructed over thirty new check dams, rock armored two new sections of trail and replaced two trail signs, all spanning almost half of a mile on Longhorn Trail. These efforts help ensure that park visitors will stay on the trail, preserving important habitat for the wide variety of wildlife and other native species present in the park.