Catalyst Partners: People First, Buildings Second

OZ is partnering with Fort Collins builder-developer Brinkman Partners to take on an ambitious 350,000 square foot project that will morph downtown Loveland into an artistic community hub encouraging people to engage with in its centralized area. The development, appropriately named South Catalyst, not only focuses on the particular buildings with in the project, but on the space between the buildings, in order to revitalize the town from the inside out. The driving factors behind the design  stem from the unique characteristics and creative culture of the existing town.

“People always focus on the buildings, but the memories come from the space between the buildings,” Brinkman Chief Operating Office Jay Hardy said. “We’ll get the people spaces to work first, then worry about the vertical product. If all we do is build buildings, then we haven’t changed anything.” 

For more details and exclusive quotes from OZ Principal and Lead Architect on the project, Eduardo Illanes, find more information in the Loveland City Update.