Jami Mohlenkamp Speaks at Senior Housing Expo

OZ principal Jami Mohlenkamp recently spoke at the Colorado Real Estate Journal’s Senior Housing and Care Conference and Expo. Jami leads OZ’s Senior Living practice area and is an expert in the architecture and design of environments that elevate the daily living experience of seniors and allow them to age in place as long as possible. His work for OZ clients has ranged from independent living to assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities to memory care communities.

At the conference, Jami spoke about some of the trends in senior living amenities that OZ has been incorporating into new projects including the creation of spaces that enhance the resident and visitor experience, build strong connections to the local community and encourage family members and loved ones to stay longer and visit more frequently.

Some of these spaces have included play areas, media lounges and video game rooms for younger visitors and the addition of a business center where adults can catch up on work while visiting loved ones, all of which can help promote more frequent and/or extended visits. Outdoor elements like childscapes that utilize landscaping and natural elements like hills and stones give younger kids an opportunity to explore and climb, and features like a putting green can give residents low-impact exercise that visitors can enjoy with them. Creating a connection to the local community is another important amenity – selecting locations that provide opportunities for strong neighbor connectivity is critical, as is designing communities that facilitate easy circulation into and off of the property for residents and visitors.

Jami is passionate about designing senior living spaces that incorporate quality amenities and provide a sense of community connection. His experience has shown that doing so not only encourages loved ones to spend more time there and visit more often, it also helps residents combat feelings of isolation and improves their overall well being.