OZ Recognized for Starling Wine & Whiskey

Co-owners Matt and Chantell Miles give us a sneak peak of their anticipated Starling Wine & Whiskey Bar in an interview with The Stanley Marketplace, a new urban market underway in Aurora Colorado.  Once an aviation facility and birth-place of the ejection seat, The Stanley Marketplace will now house 50 local businesses and is expected to draw attention to the Aurora area as an exciting retail and dining destination. Matt and Chantell have partnered with OZ Architecture to conceptualize this swoon-worthy space. The owners describe their inspiration, with an excellent nod to OZ in the interview below. The design is inspired by the buildings past and the highly social bird species, the Starling. Taking note of the birds’ unique metallic sheen, the design includes steel casement windows and light colors. The tall open ceilings and draped lights are inspired by the parachute, again, relating to the history of the space. The flock of Starlings motif is represented in the furnishings and finishes throughout. Don’t be surprised when soon enough, people flock (pun intended) to this specialty bar for casual drinks and delicious pairings. Same as the interviewer, we will all be obsessed to see how this project progresses.

Read the interview here.