Brooklyn Inspires the Latest Punch Bowl Social


Bushwick, the creative and youthful mecca of Brooklyn, will be home to an expansive Punch Bowl Social that pays homage to the area’s art-centric feel.  Inspired by the distinctively gritty character of the neighborhood, OZ is incorporating the local atmosphere into an expressive design. This will be the largest bar and social venue to arrive in Bushwick and it will consist of three stitched together re-purposed warehouses.

The design maintains the original brick walls of the three warehouses and will incorporate local street art on the exterior, which is uniquely embraced almost everywhere in the neighborhood. Another impressive addition to this location is the lush roof-deck. Using the history of the name Bushwick, meaning “deep woods” in Old Dutch, OZ has envisioned the roof deck as a secluded urban forest overflowing with greenery. The OZ team has unearthed the rich culture and history of Bushwick, Brooklyn to make this Punch Bowl Social location worthy of the hip community it will serve.

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