Regatta Plaza in Colorado Real Estate Journal

Regatta Plaza, the 21.5 acre development in Aurora, Colorado, is praised by George Thorn, of Mile High Development, and Koelbel & Company in an article with Colorado Real Estate Journal. This sprawling mixed- use project consists of a modern high-rise office building and a considerable amount of favored retail and residential units. Only minutes away from the Nine Mile Light Rail Station, Regatta Plaza serves as a dynamic destination for Denver’s growing population of commuters and city-wide explorers.

This will be the first development of its kind in the Aurora area and as such, it is part of a community outreach effort to encompass the needs and expectations of the public. Citizens are encouraged to give feedback and share thoughts on the concept and vision of the project as it progresses. Once a derelict spot in the city, Regatta Plaza is promised to reinvigorate this essential junction and create a stunning entrance at the south end of Denver.  This design will become characteristic to Aurora and essential to residents of the greater Denver Area. We are very proud to be a part of this anticipated addition to our city.

Read the article here.