Riverpoint Integrates Confluence Park and the Platte River

Another OZ addition to Denver’s Lo-Hi neighborhood, Riverpoint, is bound to wow.  The addition to an existing five-story building is being designed to respect the original architecture and place emphasis on the vital surrounding environment of Confluence Park.

Staggered patios facing the Platte River create a sought-after exterior amenity and provide a strong experiential connection to the outdoors.  Riverpoint is currently designed with green screens and transparent materials to bring lush vegetation into view and a rooftop to allow further access to open space.

Along the façade of the building, a playful reinterpretation of the current window pattern will create an active highlight for the public eye. The covered entryway will welcome pedestrians and improve the connection to 15th Street.

The Riverpoint office space will build upon the character of the existing neighborhood and provide a unique connection to the green landscape of Confluence Park and Platte River.