New OZ Designed Rose Andom Center Will Serve Victims of Domestic Violence in Denver

The Rose Andom Center, which provides support and services for victims of domestic violence, recently opened in downtown Denver, representing the culmination of a five-year design and architecture collaboration between OZ , the Rose Andom Center, the Denver District Attorney’s Office, the Mayor’s Office and contractor, Milender White. Previously victims of domestic violence in Denver often had to visit dozens of different agencies, spread throughout Denver (frequently with their children in tow) to receive the services and support they needed. Now, the Rose Andom Center serves as a place where domestic violence victims and their children can receive a variety of services from 25 difference agencies in one building.

The original building, designed and constructed in 1970 as a classroom for METRO State College, was selected as the Center’s new home due to its central and convenient location near the Denver Justice Center, Police Department, and mass transit. It was re-imagined by OZ and transformed into a three-story, 46,000 square foot Center that enhances communication, collaboration, and creativity amongst the agencies, enabling them to respond more efficiently and effectively to complex and challenging cases.

Expected to eventually serve over 3,000 clients each year in Denver, OZ has created a safe and welcoming environment for clients who visit the Center under stressful circumstances. One way this was achieved was via an interior design that allows clients to travel through the Center with intensifying layers of discreet security, ultimately leading into a central intake area referred to as the Nest.  The Nest is the heart of the facility and is intentionally styled like a residence, featuring a family room with fireplace, a dining area that doubles as meeting space, a kitchen (for healthy eating classes), a job resource room,  a children’s play area, and a series of consultation spaces where services are delivered. Agencies can now deliver all necessary client services in the Nest, thereby simplifying the process for clients and eliminating confusion and anxiety about where they need to go.

Imbuing the Center with an “I am worth it, I am valuable” feeling for its clients was of the utmost importance to the team at OZ Architecture who worked on this project, and we’re pleased that the Rose Andom Center will now serve as a safe haven where domestic violence victims and their families can receive critical services.