OZ Designs the New Utah Campus for Rocky Vista University

Underway in Ivins Utah, the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is bringing the promise of vitality, education, and economic growth to the city settled in the canyons. The local news hub in the area, The Spectrum, touched on the benefits of the campus with Tom Told, RVU’s Dean and Chief Academic Officer of the Parker Campus.

OZ designed the first Rocky Vista University in Parker, Colorado, years ago and is now honored to create a second campus location for this unique educational institution. OZ is leading the design of both the College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Student Housing facilities.

Osteopathic medicine focuses on preventative care with a holistic approach. Students receive special training in the musculoskeletal system and the interconnected nerves, muscles, and bones of the body. Physicians in Osteopathic medicine can apply their education to any medical field they choose – there are no limits on the positions they are able to fulfill. A hopeful addition to the Ivins community, the physicians are more likely to settle in rural areas and often times provide primary care to families with an all-encompassing practice.

OZ and RVU integrated feedback from the Colorado campus to identify the needs of faculty and students to create new design solutions for the specialized requirements of the facilities.

The COM (College of Osteopathic Medicine) building embraces interconnectivity, linking the parking lot and main visitor entrance to an open lobby for easy way-finding and student traffic flow.  Several glass enclosed group study rooms line the wide hallways, engaging students with the productivity of their peers. The lecture auditorium uses a unique tier and table system where students will be able to share workspaces with the group in front or behind them. Transparent materials are used through the interior to further stimulate interconnectivity through design.

Lobby Northeast - Rendering___Level 2 Corridor

Unique to Osteopathic medicine are the simulation rooms where students experience hands-on training using actors in the place of patients who then evaluate student performance with special attention to bedside manner. More simulation areas include an operation room, labor and delivery unit room, and ER room, in which life-like manikins use robotics to simulate various medical conditions. The building will also include an anatomy lab for cadaver study, a neuro lab for brain study, and an ultrasound lab to further develop the detection of internal conditions.

The exterior design is derived from the 360 view of bluffs and plateaus and integrates the color palette of the exquisite southwest landscape. Changing elevations of the design mimic the staggering ridges just behind the campus. The dominant earth tones and vibrant accents in the surroundings are the inspiration for the color scheme of the building -red rocks, sagebrush, and the black lava rocks of Snow Canyon.

The new Utah location of Rocky Vista University’s, College of Osteopathic Medicine, will certainly live up to its name –  not only because of the buildings connection to the beautiful surrounding vistas but also because of the quality education it will continue to offer, and the cutting edge facilities OZ has helped to provide. The staff is currently conducting admissions interviews and construction is on track for completion August of 2017. We are thrilled to watch the progress of this project, and you can watch too with this link to live footage as the construction site progresses!

Read the article in Utah’s, The Spectrum here. 

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