Aria Case Study Featured in ULI

The October report from Urban Land Institute┬áColorado (ULI) focuses on, “Overcoming Barriers to Affordable Housing in Colorado”. OZ designed Aria Apartments is featured as a case study for the topic.

Aria is a community located in northwest Denver and is designed on principles of diversity, inclusiveness,and sustainability. Located in Denver’s Chaffee Park, the area borders the more costly neighborhoods of Berkeley, Highlands, and Sunnyside. As a transitional neighborhood, Chaffee Park runs the risk of gentrification coming through and significantly altering the cost of living.

In the ULI Case Study, Chuck Perry describes Aria as, “a community building strategy” that helped improve the quality of life in the neighborhood by adding more options for housing, food, healthcare, and pedestrian networks. The article explains in detail the impact of Aria Apartments and the benefits of using mixed-income housing as a catalyst for developing a transient area into a vibrant and affordable community.

Use this link to get the full ULI Colorado Affordable Housing Report (PDF version) and read the Aria Apartments Case Study on pg. 12.