Helping Bring a Family Back Home

Contributor: Mairi Mashburn

OZ participated in a charitable rebuilding project in collaboration with Milender White, and a team of local subcontractors, engineers, and consultants. On November 17th, a new house was presented to the Wechsler family who lost their home in the devastating floods that hit Lyons, Colorado, in September 2013. When the St. Vrain river overflowed after three days of rain, the Wechsler’s home was among the hardest hit. Overall damages to the town displaced approximately 70 families from their homes. For the past three years Dave, Cat, and their two sons, have been living in a trailer and above their father’s workshop. They are thrilled to move in and celebrate the holidays in their new home – now double the size of the original structure.

The project, envisioned by Milender White, included a new foundation, elevating the house, erecting new walls, and replacing the roof, flooring, and deck. After about 2,500 hours dedicated to building, and $300,000 of donated materials, labor, and equipment, the home is finally ready to welcome the Wechsler’s. OZ participated as the architect of record and helped work through the involved FEMA approval process.  This is the only known major charity rebuilding project in Lyons since the flood. Participants included Rimkus Consulting Group, Colorado Framing and Construction, ProCraft Mechanical, Barnes Electrical Contracting, Diversified Builders Inc. and Interior Resource Group.

As the holidays approach, we think Cat Wechsler put it best when saying, “Miracles can happen. Miracles DO happen.”, especially when giving to a great cause.