Leading the Way With CLT in CREJ’s Building Dialogue Magazine

Featured in CREJ’s Building Dialogue Magazine,  OZ Associate Principal, Amanda Johnson, writes on the many benefits of using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in building design. This advanced material is durable, sustainable, and brings the outdoors in with a warm natural look. OZ is leading the way in CLT design in Colorado with two major projects, The Loading Dock, Boulder’s first CLT building, and Platte Fifteen, a modern office space coming soon to Denver’s Lo-Hi neighborhood.

“Unlike other building materials, CLT offers a superior combination of structural strength and crafted detail that is setting a new standard for future workplace construction throughout the country. In a technology-centered world, people want to connect back to a tactile environment through spaces that utilize warm materials, authentic character and modern amenities. We believe that CLT fits seamlessly into that ideal — especially in Colorado…” – Amanda Johnson

Read the full article in Building Dialogue here.

Featured image: Platte Fifteen

Gallery images:  Progress photos from The Loading Dock site.