OZ Associate Dan Kalkman One of the Few WELL Accredited Professionals in Colorado

OZ Architecture has become one of the few organization recognized as having a WELL Accredited Professional (AP) on staff, making the firm a part of the international WELL Community.

Dan Kalkman, Associate at OZ Architecture, earned his WELL AP credentials in January 2017.

The WELL Building Standard
The WELL Building Standard was created as a system for measuring, certifying and monitoring the performance of building features that impact health and well-being, such as restaurants, educational facilities and multi-family residential areas like apartments and townhomes.

The WELL Building Standard comprises seven categories, or concepts, of wellness. They include air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. Each concept intends to address aspects of occupant health, comfort or knowledge, often tailored to a specific building type. These concepts help inform requirements that must be met when designing a built environment.

Becoming a WELL AP
Becoming a WELL AP requires passing the International WELL Building Institute’s WELL AP exam, a rigorous test designed to evaluate a candidate’s competency and ability. The foundation of the exam stems from the expertise of leading practitioners in the fields of design, health and wellness in the built environment.

Kalkman’s recently awarded WELL AP credentials not only denote his own expertise in health and wellness, but add another notch to OZ Architecture’s belt in terms of building design competency and commitment to our designs’ overall impact. “I believe that our built environment can be a place where we can become healthier, happier, and more productive,” Kalkman says.

At OZ, we are proud to see our people going above and beyond in order to bring new experience, expertise, and competency to our firm.

Find Dan on the Well Community Site here.