OZ Hosts India Smart City Mayors Delegation

By: Steve Brooks

OZ hosted a USTDA (U.S. Trade and Development Agency) high-level delegation from Rajasthan interested in sustainable smart city planning last Thursday night (Feb 2).  The event was sponsored by Denver Sister Cities and the Colorado Department of Economic Development and International Trade; the city mayors and commissioners were also greeted by the Director of the World Trade Center Denver, representatives of the Colorado Governor’s office, and the Denver Mayor’s office.

India’s urbanization rate is now faster than any time in their history – population is expected to grow from 340 million in 2008 to 590 million by 2030. This creates a huge demand on infrastructure and technologies to deliver sustainable cities.  In 2015 India initiated a Smart City Challenge focusing on 100 cities and have invited US private sector expertise.  The cities of Rajasthan in particular, are heritage rich with a strong tourism sector.

OZ showed attendees current work on the World Trade Center Denver, Konza Tech City and various resorts.  In keeping with OZ’s belief in the free exchange of ideas, the planning of Konza was discussed with the Smart Cities Ministry of Urban Development Director as a model of sustainable urban development.  The rapid exchange of good ideas is making the world smaller.  The event was a reminder that while there have been so many adversarial tears in the world fabric, there are still many ways the world is coming together for the benefit of all.

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