Connect the Ages: How OZ Architecture Leads the way by Linking Communities of All Ages

While creativity and innovation may seem like terms reserved for youth, the future hinges on designing for aging populations. That’s how Jami Mohlenkamp, Principal of OZ Architecture, sees it. In fact, he’s committed to forging greater connections between younger and aging groups in order to foster an exchange of ideas and wisdom between age groups to lead to more fulfilling lives.

That’s why Jami got involved with Connect the Ages, a campaign designed on a mission to connect students and young professionals with aging generations through multidisciplinary career paths, internships and volunteer opportunities.

Jami represents OZ Architecture’s commitment to creating housing, healthcare, and even transportation designs that focus on quality of life above all. Jami agrees that isolation is more detrimental to the health of older adults than smoking one pack of cigarettes per day, and feels compelled to create spaces that foster relationships, inclusion, and meaningful connections to communities. Jami himself has always been inspired by his grandparents’ life experiences, which motivated him to explore careers in aging while keeping innovation and creativity in design at the core of his work. His resulting career at OZ Architecture has introduced him to opportunities creating innovative designs for older adults. Jami teamed up with Connect the Ages in order to introduce other young people to career pathways in aging, breaking barriers and creating new connections in the workforce and society as a whole.

For Jami and his team at OZ, connecting millennials, Gen Z youth and other young professionals to career and volunteer opportunities in an aging America is part of what drives their constant innovation, and remains an important aspect of the ongoing work at OZ Architecture.

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