OZ Architecture Presented at Leading Age Colorado

OZ Principal Architect Jami Mohlenkamp presented at the LeadingAge Colorado Conference during the power session on a panel of four. This annual conference discusses challenges facing senior living and care providers with a space to reflect on the impact of new policies, the role of changing technology, the search for a skilled workforce, and the overall change in norms surrounding the aging population.

Jami was invited as a leader and innovator in the space of designing for the future of aging, and presented on a panel about the future of design. He delivered his presentation geared toward out-of-the-box thinking and problem solving for a future of rapidly retiring residents. His fellow panelists included [Shawn O’Connor, Cushman & Wakefield] a real estate demographer, [David Gaspers, Principal City Planner] a planner from the City of Denver, and [Camille Burke, President] of Cappella Living Solutions.

Jami led the presentation by first defining who baby boomers are (generally those born between 1946 and 1964), and why their expectations for mass customization are redefining the rules of senior living design. He went on to give his audience a window into the world boomers were born into, and what that translates into for expectations during retirement. Concepts like fluid community, dining options in the community and in the adjacent neighborhood, and technology came up as key components of their lives and living situations.  Further desires include living close to their families and loved ones, taking part in daily pleasures like restaurants and dining out, and taking advantage of modern technology to continue to work and consult in their retirement.

He went on to illuminate OZ Architecture’s expertise on boomer housing design concepts, with features like accessible spaces in living units that don’t feel different from normal units, including space saving kitchen features like pull-out pantries, fold out work and eating spaces and TV locations that can serve multiple rooms. The audience was particularly engaged on topics of micro-housing and premanufactured homes with compact, versatile and efficient designs to suit small areas and aging residents. He even touched on futuristic ideas surrounding accessible, driverless cars and enhanced mobility devices designed to accommodate movement and transportation for an aging population.

We will design the future, he concluded. But first, we need to think together about what we want that future to be.

OZ Architecture is proud to have a seat at the table when it comes to designing for the future. To learn more about LeadingAge Colorado and its mission to advocate and share knowledge that enriches the lives of the aging, visit LeadingAge Colorado.