Guest Column on High-rise Senior Living Design Stands Tall in McKnight’s Senior Living

OZ Architecture’s Jami Mohlenkamp and Darrin Jenson recently contributed a guest column to McKnight’s Senior Living, the pre-eminent online resource for senior living professionals. In the piece, Jami and Darrin reflect on how to make thoughtful accommodations for the aging when it comes to high-rise building architecture and design.

Jami and Darrin mention the importance of mobility and flow, and how both movement and rest areas are important for aging residents. Visitor access is also a consideration, and designers should pay special attention to the placement of guest elevators, reception areas and parking facilities.

Kitchens, HVAC and plumbing present more decisions for designers and architects, with pros and cons to both ground floor and top floor locations. Locating the kitchen on first floor often provides the easiest access for residents, visitors and delivery personnel, while top-floor kitchens and dining facilities offer a special “sizzle factor” with sweeping scenic views. This also leads into the question of outdoor amenities, which may be included on rooftops or at the garden level depending on the community.

Designing high-rise buildings for senior living communities involves many of the same considerations as other high-rise buildings, but in this column, Jami and Darrin expertly navigate the most important considerations for crafting spaces where aging residents will thrive.

Read the full article at McNights Senior Living.

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