OZ Architecture Shapes Colorado and Global Landscape

Crej.com recently published an article on how our firm has influenced and evolved within our home state of Colorado. The article outlines how our 165 employees provide architecture, master planning, interior design and brand experience design to our clients both domestically and internationally, and how, at our core, we’re driven by our values and culture.

Author Kimberly MacArthur Graham highlights a few notable projects, including 250 Columbine, Platte Fifteen, The World Trade Center Denver, and McMurdo Station. She goes on to write that, above even our varied portfolio, consistent awards and recognition, and incredible clients, our culture influences our employees and our good work most of all.

Graham writes that “nearly every company can cite a vision and values, but few seem to have aligned with them as powerfully as OZ.”  OZ Principal  Rick Petersen echoes the sentiment stating: “Here there is diversity, the opportunity to grow without limit to have an impact on the community.”

As OZ Architecture employees know well, our values truly do guide us in everything we do. By making others successful, maintaining an attitude of openness, being stewards of our communities, upholding the OZ continuum and constantly pioneering, we are, as Graham notes, a team of “talented people unafraid to reach for the future.”

We look back on an inspiring legacy, and will continue to uphold our communities as we transform the built environment for years to come.

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