PC Mag Covers OZ Architecture’s Philosophy on Retirement During 2017 Denver Startup Week

OZ Architecture was recently featured in a story on PC Mag after writer Sophia Stuart visited the Denver offices and noted OZ as “now at the forefront of experimental projects for the aging.”

Stuart goes on to mention how, at the recent Denver Startup Week event, Jami Mohlenkamp, Julia Bailey and Julie Zielinksi delivered a panel discussion on designing communities for an aging population. She notes that OZ is seen as a leader in the aging services realm, with ideas on energy-efficient design and downsized “tiny” homes — not to mention overarching improvements to quality of life.

“Clients are already asking OZ Architecture for Elon Musk’s Tesla Energy Powerwall to ensure they can survive when the grid goes down and live a more energy-efficient life,” Stuart writes. “The firm has been drawing up blueprints for future communities that see drones making medical supply deliveries, and residents zooming around in electric autonomous vehicles or socializing in areas surrounding tiny homes.”

The author goes on to note that OZ paints an optimistic, insightful and well-informed picture of how aging could be, “moving clients beyond what they already know,” as Jami puts it, by using data science to clarify cost per square foot and sharing personal experiences to show what might be possible in the near future. “I’m already living in a […] 900-square-foot house, originally built in the 1950s, which we’ve been slowly adapting to be Net Zero Energy eventually,” Julie Zielinski says (as quoted in the article).

So, what does retirement look like from our eyes? Something like what Stuart calls “’docking stations’ for groovy elders,” with access to medical offices, retail and dining, energy-efficient solutions, and —overall — greater freedom to live out our lives the way we want.

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