26th and Alcott is a new 15-story building in Denver’s expanding Jefferson Park neighborhood. The building includes for-sale condominiums and for-rent apartments with the goal of offering an affordable entry point into the housing marketing for first-time home buyers. The project also includes a 100 room apartment style hotel which, though operating as a hotel, offers the warmth and character of a home. Additionally, the building touts two swimming pools, a sauna, a fitness center, and a top floor condo club.

The modern architectural character of the building will stand apart recalling the clean lines and crisp forms of a Mondrian painting. OZ lead Designer Ari Irfano elaborates, “Piet Mondrian was a Dutch modernist who is best known for his 1920’s paintings where he creates abstract geometric pieces of shapes, lines and color that attain a remarkable asymmetric balance. OZ has taken some traditional building ideas, such as proportion and base-middle-top articulation, and has threaded these into the building façade with the theories of Mondrian.”