The Arrow Electronics building began its development as a core/shell project. It was initially designed to accommodate either a single office tenant or multiple tenants. During the design phase, Arrow Electronics elected to occupy the building. This required an increase from a 4-story building to and 8-story building to accommodate their program needs. The building is situated above 1 level of parking that accommodates 1,200 cars. In addition, a diverse floorplan was needed that could adapt easily to their rapidly changing work environment. This need further developed the direction of the space planning for the project. The tenant’s requirements for a bright and engaging work environment was paramount for their vision of a workplace where people are engaged and active in their company. The LEED Silver certified building saved 12% energy costs over the baseline and 40% water use through water-conserving plumbing fixtures. Additional strategies included low-emitting materials, regional/recycled materials, FSC wood, and daylighting.