Located in Chicago within Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco, Fisk & Co., is a mussel and beer restaurant with a rich and classic look paired with unexpected nautical motifs. OZ deconstructed both the history of the space and theĀ mussel itself to develop the brand identity and design drivers. The name derives from the history of the building, once the home of the D.B. Fisk & Co. hat factory in the 1920’s. The tufted leather chairs and velvet fabrics also serve as a nod to the hats themselves. The brand collateral incorporates time-worn materials and a no-frills font drawn from a historic D.B. Fisk & Co. advertisement matched to a playful vintage sailor and cat image.

Using musslesĀ as inspiration, the color pallet consists of rich greens, slate blue, dark brown, and pops of yellow both within the space and throughout the marketing materials. For an a-typical nautical experience, a hand-crafted rope art installation serves as a partition between rooms and a chandelier made of clear bottles makes a play on the “message in a bottle”.