The story of Magnolia Hotel begins with the purchase of its flagship location in Denver, Colorado, home to the First National Bank of Colorado. By investing in this historic building, the Magnolia brand carries on its stewardship of iconic Denver architecture, ensuring that the city evolves without diminishing its rich history.

This history serves as the design driver for the renovation. Stepping foot inside this property, a wall installation featuring re-purposed deposit boxes creates a signature moment for travelers. A pallet of earth tones, rich greens and brass reflect colors found in the west and bring the same sense of luxury found in bank lobbies of the past. These colors carry into “Harry’s” bar on the ground level as these spaces connect creating a free-flowing space.

Magnolia’s welcoming experience for guests revitalizes from curb to cocktail hour. The lobby and Harry’s Bar will dovetail the bustling spirit of downtown Denver and reveal a modernized design with key elements that remain a tie to the historic past.