As experts of preserving character and weaving a rich history into design, OZ was selected to design the interior remodel of Magnolia Houston’s hotel common spaces, lobby, bar and guest rooms. Magnolia Houston pays homage to city, building, and brand by creating a boutique experience that builds upon the roots of the architecture it preserves. OZ’s interior refresh includes touchpoints from the Post-Dispatch Building’s original use combined with the city’s contrasts of bright polish and moody patina. The design is inspired by the daily ritual of reading the news, with its nostalgic smell of newsprint and the excitement of cracking open the day’s stories. OZ’s re-design of the lobby, bar, and the guestrooms will be a vibrant expression of the city’s energy and the building’s history, solidifying Magnolia Houston’s presence as a storied boutique experience and the newest addition to the Tribute Portfolio in Houston and beyond.