OZ Architecture is collaborating with visionary Robert Thompson and Seasoned Development as he takes his Punch Bowl Social restaurant concept around the nation. Punch Bowl Social combines an elevated dining and beverage experience with social interaction and old-school entertainment in a vibrant, lively environment.

The Punch Bowl Social restaurant designs are each anchored in a signature vocabulary that blends the sense of an abandoned mountain lodge with modern elements and touches of Victorian, mid-century modern and industrial design details. Each venue is made up of several distinct signature spaces and guest touchpoints. The experience of guests is different with each visit as they discover new spaces and explore the 25,000-30,000 square foot venues. The 360 Bar is the heart of each venue, featuring the contrast of clean countertops with a base of reclaimed wood and vintage style bar stools. In the diner area, 50s-style neon signs illuminate the seating. The Holiday Lodge is grounded by a large fireplace, surrounded by Victorian-inspired lounge seating and lorded over by an over-sized stag head. Games are integral to the Punch Bowl Social concept and are mixed throughout the venue: bowling lanes, a vintage arcade, deck shuffleboard, darts and foosball are all available to play. OZ has completed projects in Portland, Austin, Detroit, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Schaumburg,  Rancho Cucamonga, Stapleton, Chicago, Atlanta and Sacramento and is currently working on future locations in  Brooklyn, San Diego, and Arlington.

Punch Bowl Social Stapleton