Designed as a vibrant activity center for the neighborhood, Sam Gary Library is the first branch library that synthesizes Denver Public Library’s innovative “Children and Family” and “Contemporary” styles into one space. Designed to multi-task, the library contains minimal built partitions and uses moveable screens to allow for future flexibility as the library’s use shifts and adjusts over time.  A large welcoming lobby is furnished for use as a meeting spot to gather with neighbors and friends for coffee or lunch.  A high tech beehive space can be used by the community for informal classes and meetings, and is equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology that is fully accessible to users.  Spaces range from collaborative and energized to quiet and semi-private to provide a place for everyone in this diverse community.

The L-shaped building parallels the street edge and is largely transparent to allow a window into library activities. Entries are connected with a sweeping, sheltering curved roof structure that becomes the community’s front porch.  A series of glass “lantern” structures placed along the roof spill pools of natural daylight into the central part of the building.  These elements also organize the layout placement inside and create a highly visible beacon in the center of the community.