This new Fire Station project located at 5945 S. Quebec Street Centennial, CO Combines two existing lots, one the current location of fire station No. 32. The current fire station is outdated and undersized to adequately serve the growing Centennial community. OZ architecture designed a new fire station to meet the current and future needs of the fire department and the community with goals to improved site circulation and crew response. Due to the restricted site size the current design is a two story building with a partial basement level which reduces the building footprint and provides the needed firefighter living quarters.

The two story design allowed the building to be placed within the required property setbacks, maximize open space, site circulation and landscaping. The new fire station design is approximately 16,400 gross square feet above grade. Apparatus bays and apparatus support spaces account for approximately 7,390 square feet. Living, sleeping, office, training and circulation spaces account for approximately 9,010 square feet. The aesthetic goal was to achieve a civic and traditional structure which visually relates to the recently constructed Station No. 31 also designed by OZ Architecture. Due to the proximity of these two stations creating a visually related station design is the start to achieving a district identity.