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North Wynkoop - OZ’s Vision coming to life in RiNo’s latest mixed-use Entertainment District

July 24, 2018

OZ has mastered the art of placemaking, particularly in RiNo, where it’s had leadership roles in Giambrocco, Industry, World Trade Center, Bindery on Blake, Movement Gym, S*Park and many more exciting, innovative attractions. Now OZ can add North Wynkoop to its list of RiNo destinations that have benefited from the company’s talent. Back in 2014 Westfield Company Inc., one of the worlds leading developers, selected OZ Architecture to lead the master plan design, the re-zoning effort, and the project envisioning of the six-block, 13-acre mixed-use project in the heart of RiNo that is now transforming into an active entertainment district and an anchor to the north end of Brighton Blvd and just south of the National Western Stockshow site. OZ envisioned the development from 40th to 43rd along Wynkoop and Brighton Blvd., known as North Wynkoop, to include:

  • market-rate apartments
  • a boutique hotel
  • a large event center for indoor concerts and outdoor events
  • a public market inside a converted 1950’s warehouse buildings
  • creative class and new economy office spaces
  • artist lofts in collaboration with Artspaces including ground floor gallery spaces
  • covered parking
  • restaurants and retail
  • pop-up incubator opportunities
  • greenhouse garden spaces
  • curb-less streets
  • landscaping inspired by the wild nature of the RiNo neighborhood.

“North Wynkoop will fundamentally transform this section of RiNo but will also ensure that the soul of RiNo – its history, industry, creative and urban nature – will remain intact and celebrated,” said Rebecca Stone, managing partner of OZ Architecture, and lead designer on the project. “The inspiration for the project is all wrapped up in RiNo’s edgy, eclectic, artistic roots. The goal is to celebrate that and for this site to become the entertainment hub of this creative neighborhood.”

One key aspect of OZ’s work on North Wynkoop included the arduous job of rezoning the block to allow to for the new uses; a critical level of expertise that is essential as Denver transforms into a world-class city. “Master planning always includes a close relationship with the city to ensure new uses are acceptable and because often the visions the team brings to table are cutting-edge and pushing the boundaries the City of Denver has established. We’ve been integral to updating the zoning for many parcels around RiNo, Cherry Creek, Uptown and more, including the newest Improper City food truck destination.”

OZ Architecture collaborated with Westfield, Wenk Associates and S.A. Miro on the master plan, landscape architecture and vision for the site.

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