At OZ, we are passionate about our responsibility to design places that create enduring value for our clients, communities, and the world and promote human well-being and environmental sustainability.


We see design as a powerful tool for promoting a more fair and just society. From hiring and operating our firm to delivering each project, we are guided by a well-defined set of equity principles.

We are passionate about positively influencing the communities in which we work.

Equity: A Case Study

People: We strive to understand the needs of the people and the communities impacted by our projects so that we can design spaces that support overall well-being.

Practice: We work to make our teams, from staff to consultants, representative of the people and communities we serve.

Process: We strive to become an indispensable partner to our clients and community members as we seek to deliver solutions that support the success of all.

Projects: The best design solutions promote universal design strategies that are good for all people. We create spaces where all can feel a sense of belonging.


We believe that society deserves high-performing buildings that support resilient, healthy communities. As a proud signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment, we are actively developing solutions to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint.

We prioritize building with sustainable, local materials to enhance project quality and resilience while lightening our environmental impact.

Environmental Sustainability: A Case Study

People: We recognize the impacts of climate change on our communities and seek opportunities to create restorative projects that reverse this trend.

Practice: Our commitment to sustainability is multigenerational. Passive strategies have been a design driver from the beginning and throughout our firm’s history. To this day, this passion for environmental stewardship is a unifying force at OZ, and we continually evolve our processes to leverage the most current thinking in building and environmental science.

Process: We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of each project by prioritizing passive design strategies to limit the building’s appetite for energy before strategizing efficient active systems to serve that appetite.

Projects: Our work strives to balance environmental, social, and economic priorities and deliver sustainable solutions across all three pillars of sustainability.

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