OZ Architecture is a place for fearless creators. Over the last five decades, we have evolved our practice for limitless possibility. Individually, we are creative thinkers and design leaders with a passion for seeking extraordinary design solutions and the expertise to see them through. Together, we are an indispensable partner in helping our clients achieve their goals.

Our approach

We recognize that every project has a unique set of circumstances and deserves a tailored solution. Beginning each project with a curious mind rather than a preconceived idea is what allows our team to produce highly differentiated designs. Through open, collaborative partnerships, we work to unlock each project’s full potential.

Our goal is to create beautiful places that deliver lasting value for the communities they serve.


We draw on the collective talents of more than 130 architects, interior designers, and support staff to execute projects virtually anywhere.


Our approach is rooted in a shared commitment to environmental and community stewardship. Sustainability is in our DNA. We’ve had a team dedicated to advancing responsible design since the ‘70s when environmental awareness and action became a critical issue for humanity. Since then, we’ve become a national leader in developing and designing practices that support ecological, human and economic health and vitality.

We believe every client deserves a resilient, healthy, high performing, and beautiful building.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are central to our approach to architectural design and the way that we practice. We value the many ways people live, work, and engage in spaces. At OZ, our commitment to DEI is reflected in our hiring practices and staff development programs, our inclusive community engagement approach, and the projects we champion across a variety of client sectors. We’re continuously learning where and how to improve our DEI efforts and we are taking action as we grow to make a positive impact on the communities we build.


The OZ name is taken from the initials of two of our founding Principals, Tom Obermeier and Alan Zeigel. Both attended CU in Boulder and worked together in the same office early in their careers. After founding separate firms, in the late ‘80s the two combined the talents and resources of their respective firms to create OZ Architecture. The rest is history. Today, our talented team of our architects, interior designers, and support staff has expanded to take on a diverse range of projects across the U.S. and beyond.

Our story has been unfolding for more than 50 years.


At our core, we are a people-centered organization. We believe in empowering our team members to find the best solutions within the context of each project, and we are constantly evolving our practice to bring in the skills and the capabilities needed to deliver extraordinary design solutions.

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