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OZ Architecture Completes Envisioning and Masterplanning for a New Portal to Deer Valley, Utah

September 21, 2018

Think of your favorite city or resort town. How did that place come to be? Most likely, it wasn’t by happenstance, but by a comprehensive masterplan that shaped the resulting environment and culture.

Masterplanning is about making the connection between our built environment, green spaces and social settings, taking into account a place’s future population, economy, housing, transportation and land use. Masterplans use all that data to create a cohesive design for future growth in a city, community or resort town. Masterplans take exceptional skill, experience and vision.

Envisioning creates the sense of place. This is very important for destination resort towns as the draw to a vacation getaway is the experience guests will have. Envisioning helps differentiate a place and make the most of the special qualities of that specific location. It creates a natural, authentic guest experience in whichthe masterplan design enhances the existing site and the destination tells a strong, consistent story.

OZ Architecture recently completed both envisioning and a masterplan for a four-season resort community as a new portal into Utah’s Deer Valley Resort, set to break ground in early 2019. On the site of the former Mayflower Mine, the new masterplan will revitalize the area to include a state-of-the-art five-star hotel, boutique hotel, and conference hotel, as well as townhomes, ski-in, ski-out lots, and multiple for-sale condos with an outdoor pool/hot tub amenity to create a pedestrian-friendly zone. The mountain will be expanded to reach this new portal and chair lifts are being added.

Also included in this resort will be a 60,000-square-foot recreation building with tennis courts, a pool, bowling, and more. Food and beverage options will include a mixture of a base lodge dining, multiple sit-down restaurants, coffee shopsand fast-casual concepts. Retail shops and skier services, rentals, lessons and daycare will reinforce the ski-base and resort core. This resort is not expansive in its retail offering, but very cultivated and thoughtful to be consistent with the vision for a high-end portal and elevated guest experience. Located near the resort—and within a short walk or a quick cabriolet ride—isresort support in the form of workforce housing, laundry services, administrative offices, and guest parking.

This project, masterplanned by OZ Architecture PrincipalsRebecca Stone, Dan Miller and Andy White, in partnership with EXTELL Development out of NYC and Planner LangvardtDesign Group out of Salt Lake City, will fill a need for a destination resort community near the popular ski area. It represents an opportunity to revitalize the area’s natural resources while expanding Deer Valley with a modern, cutting-edge resort designed to appeal to buyers and guests of tomorrow.

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