Rick Petersen Talks Global Design Globally

May 10, 2019

This Spring, OZ Principal and AIA Fellow Rick Petersen has shared OZ’s approach to creating efficient, sustainable and inspiring places worldwide such as in Kenya and Antarctica.

First in Guatemala, Petersen gave a lecture at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, entitled, “From Equator to Pole”, where he described OZ’s place-based approach to sustainable design at two extreme climates. Rick followed the lecture with a 2-day workshop where he engaged students to explore the design of the building envelope for a range of climates.

Rick was then asked to give the keynote the World Workplace Asia Expo of the International Facilities Management Association in Singapore. Using McMurdo Station, Antarctica as a prime example, Rick shared OZ’s strategies for Master Planning and building design to assure to improve environmental impact, efficiency and well-being, leaving the audience inspired to apply similar strategies to their own communities.

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