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Visionary Hospitality: Revitalizing Sandpoint with Lakefront Resort

April 17, 2024

Resort Project to Transform the Lakefront in Sandpoint, Idaho - Fostering a Sense of Community, Revitalizing Downtown and Implementing Sustainable Principles

The redevelopment of 56 Bridge St. in Sandpoint, Idaho, is a visionary project for the region led by Averill Hospitality and designed by OZ. This hotel will revitalize the lakefront site into a dynamic five-story resort in harmony with the overarching vision for the broader community. Spanning across two premier beachfront parcels totaling 3.36 acres on Lake Pend Oreille, the proposed hotel will boast approximately 180 keys, a destination restaurant, several unique event spaces, a day spa, market café, beach outfitter and structured parking. This endeavor seeks to optimize land use while ensuring seamless vehicular and pedestrian access, implementing sustainable design principles and operating with a reduced carbon footprint.

At its core, this project embodies a commitment to enhancing the city's appeal as a destination while also catering to the needs of locals. The building’s design is harmonious with the existing character of the general vicinity with a nod to the lake on one side and the historic Sandpoint structures and railroad on the other. Building height, massing, architectural expressions, and material selections are sensitive to and inspired by these specific contextual references. The resort will feature wide-ranging interior and outdoor amenities consistent with hospitality. Moreover, curated retail, public gathering spaces, public restrooms, a beach bar and grill, a public boardwalk and connectivity to the adjacent park emphasize the dedication to fostering a sense of community. An existing old-growth tree, situated on the southeast corner of the site near the lobby entry, will serve as a focal point of the outdoor civic space and a symbolic in the site plan to bring people together.

Strategically positioned at the nexus of downtown Sandpoint and Lake Pend Oreille, the resort will serve as a vibrant hub for visitors and residents. The resort aims to cater to diverse interests for guests and locals, from hosting events to offering recreational equipment rentals and spa services. The variety of offerings throughout the property naturally lends itself to economic vitality and will generate significant activity within the project boundaries and, by extension, the city beach park.

The design pays homage to the surrounding environment, with careful attention given to building height, architectural expression, and material selection to ensure seamless integration into the existing landscape. Utilizing a unique “E” shaped footprint, the design optimizes massing and will increase access to lake and mountain views. Proposed as mass timber or CLT construction, the design brings an inherent focus on sustainability.

Ultimately, the redevelopment of 56 Bridge St. represents more than just a resort project; it embodies a shared vision for an economically and socially thriving, sustainable, inclusive community that celebrates its natural beauty and local industry. Through collaborative efforts with the City of Sandpoint and meticulous attention to detail in design and planning, this project will leave a lasting legacy as a premier destination for leisure, recreation, and relaxation.

Stay tuned and watch this project take shape.

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