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OZ Architecture Makes Community Stewardship a Priority

April 9, 2019

Even for architecture firms, building connections to the local community can be challenging.

The Colorado Real Estate Journal (CREJ) recently published an article authored by OZ Architecture’s Chris Vandall all about how incorporating philanthropy into a firm’s core values can have a positive effect beyond just a good reputation. It can enhance everything from office culture to operations.

In this article, Chris shares ideas for how architecture and design firms can create impact within their business and their community. This includes choosing nonprofit partners that align with your company’s mission; networking with potential business partners through like-minded organizations; and building a company culture around service and stewardship.

OZ Architecture is leading the way by modeling what this type of philanthropic effort can look like. By creating OZ Gives — our own internal steering committee — we partner with community organizations, coordinate volunteer service days, and organize fundraising and donation efforts throughout the year. In fact, OZites company-wide have been working tirelessly to perfect the blueprints of authentic community stewardship.

We believe this approach has made an indelible impact on our company culture, and continues to motivate us to leave a better impact in our community and our world.

Read more here.

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