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OZ Modular Expert Shares Complexities, Advantages of Modular in National Press

December 12, 2019

The secret is out: modular construction has a slew of advantages for builders and developers – most notably faster construction time at lower costs. By designing buildings with prefabricated units built in the controlled environment of a factory, developers can save time by running the entitlement and site work in parallel with the fabrication, and the on-site construction takes only a fraction of the standard build time. This faster time-to-market is particularly valuable in growing urban areas where developers just can’t keep up with the demands for more housing, commercial space and offices.

However, turning modular’s “better, faster, cheaper” mantra into reality means ensuring the team has the right understanding what ‘faster’ actually means. In most cases, modular is faster on-site construction, but, as this article in Multi-Family Executive explains, “To do modular right, you have to start a lot earlier in the process, while getting all of your ducks lined up to make sure you hit the ground running when it’s finally time to build. That means coordinating much earlier with architects, general contractors, and the modular manufacturer to make sure things come together smoothly.”

OZ modular expert Matt Chiodini is one of the few architects nationally with vast expertise steeped in the complexities of modular design, and processes, from early financing, to working with fabricators, to on-site assembly. Because of this in-depth knowledge, Chiodini’s expertise was tapped for the article: Modular’s Developing Advantage: Building with boxes stacks schedules to cut time on site.In addition to designing modular projects in Denver, OZ is exploring innovative ways modular can be a solution to developers who seek faster time-to-market across the country, such as ski resorts, college campuses and more.

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