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OZ Presents an Homage to the Creative Spirit of RiNo

January 5, 2018

OZ Architecture moved into our design studio in Denver's, River North Art District, in 2012. Since then we've witnessed RiNo gain momentum as a long-standing district of art, innovation, and culture. We believe in preserving the soul of the community around us and supporting the local arts which is why this past year, OZ collaborated with artists, videographers, and musicians to create a video for the RiNo Art District.

This video has been donated in an effort to continue to grow the neighborhood in a thoughtful way and, to pay homage to its creative spirit. We're asking those who use the video to pay it forward and contribute to rinoartdistrict.org.

RiNo embodies the courage and heart it takes to establish a sense of place. We are an ally to our fellow makers, innovators, and trailblazers in the collective mission to Keep RiNo Wild. Thank you to the talents of F4DStudio for producing the video, Pulp with thecrushwalls.com for the graffiti art, and The Blue Rider for the tunes. Cheers!

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