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OZ Principal Becky Stone Predicts the Future of Restaurant Design

July 10, 2020

OZ’s hospitality practice lead Becky Stone was featured in the latest issue of Restaurant C-Suite Magazine for her thought leadership on the future of restaurant design. She predicted many of the restaurant design trends already happening as a result of the pandemic, and she believes more is yet to come.

With the impacts of COVID-19 and social distancing upon us, the restaurant industry is undergoing changes on a weekly basis. From closure, to take-out, and now to lower occupancy re-openings, restaurant design could change completely in the future. Designers and architects are thinking innovatively about how restaurants will look and function with new health restrictions and standards going forward.

“Outdoor ‘dining rooms’ will become much more common, and patrons will experience different levels of service and menus between the indoor and outdoor spaces, where the indoor space is an elevated experience over the outdoor space,” said Stone.

Read more of her insight here, in the latest issue of Restaurant C-Suite.

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