Universal Design at Lone Rock Retreat

June 10, 2024

A non-profit retreat center for the education community, Lone Rock Retreat was designed with a focus on inclusion so that all guests feel that they and their beliefs, actions, and words are valued.

The retreat also offers stunning natural vistas that promote engaging with nature. The resort is designed as a campus-style experience with intimate discussion spaces, 60 individual guest cabins, a seminar lodge with specialized gathering spaces, and wellness amenities with yoga, fitness, and hot springs pools. Several design decisions ensured the project promoted inclusivity and accessibility.

Equity in Design

Support equity-minded design: Ensure all participants feel equal in the setting and that users of all mobility, ages, gender identification, and backgrounds are comfortable.

Meet guests where they are: Incorporate spaces for solitude and group gathering, small group seating, and active game areas that foster interaction.

Deliver amazing acoustics: Support discussion of sensitive topics with acoustics that allow up to 60 participants to hear all dialogue in a normal voice.

Surprise and delight: Incorporate unexpected elements that foster exploration and a sense of discovery.

EDI Design Considerations

Building Relationships: The seminar and meeting rooms are circular to create a setting without hierarchy within the group. All participants have an equal voice and are expected to participate. The design team was challenged to ensure that every space promotes social relationship-building and guest well-being. The design quickly establishes a sense of comfort, support, and trust, allowing the visitors to tackle sensitive topics as a group of equal peers.

Foster Experience: It is integral for all people to be able to experience and participate in all activities and have access to all spaces. From smooth pathways, lifts at all bodies of water, and wide ramps and corridors, all people can engage with others by their side. Spaces are accessible and provide options for guests to feel a sense of belonging so that they can participate on their own terms.

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