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Vail Valley’s Luxury Sonnenalp Club Launching Second Phase of Family Wellness Overhaul with OZ Resort and Hospitality Team

July 9, 2019

Sonnenalp in Vail is an iconic destination in this world-famous town. In addition to the hotel, known for its Bavarian charm and impeccable service, the Sonnenalp Club – a sister property in Edwards, Colo. - offers award-winning dining, golf, fitness, outdoor activities and wellness amenities for both hotel guests and Vail Valley residents. Despite its international reputation, after more than 30 years of family ownership in the Vail Valley, the Sonnenalp Club was due to be re-envisioned.

“Our challenge was to modernize and bring new life to some of the spaces, the programming and the atmosphere without detracting from what makes the Sonnenalp special: its sense of intimacy, adventure and luxury,” said Rebecca Stone, OZ principal and resort-hospitality practice area leader.

In 2014, OZ began working with Sonnenalp to bring freshness and a more family-oriented feel to the Club. (link here to Phase I blog post) OZ first developed a master plan to create a 5,225 sq. ft. addition and a 27,000 sq. ft renovation that included the club’s fitness center, wellness center, pool area, restaurant and bar, child care center, golf club locker rooms, office and back of house spaces.

The success of Phase I helped drive club membership, which led to the owners moving forward with the second phase of the project. With construction kicking off in summer 2019, Phase II includes expansion of the pool and fitness locker rooms, renovations to the kids center, renovation and expansion of the wellness club, and further renovations to the office and back of house spaces.

With an increased focus on luxury, Phase II will have design connections to the earlier Phase I spaces with a comfortable, family-friendly look and reflections of the stunning Vail Valley landscape through the use of warm natural patterns and finishes.

“Few things are more gratifying than having clients return to OZ because their earlier project was so successful,” said Chris Vandall, OZ associate principal and architect for the Sonnenalp Club project. “Our collaborative approach and ability to deliver all phases and services the Sonnenalp owners’ needed has led to more than a beautiful resort property, it’s led to true business success.”

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