Basalt Regional Library

Basalt Regional Library is a true gathering place for the area’s diverse community, drawn from mountain towns ranging from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. As part of the design vision, OZ and collaborating partner A4Architects saw the library as a literal junction for several elements: Community, Sustainability, Education, Nature, Arts/Culture and Technology. Together, these elements seamlessly create an inviting, energizing environment that stimulates thought, creates a haven for gaining and sharing knowledge, and connects directly to the outdoors. The sloped roof rises to the north and frames dramatic views. Nature is brought inside through local natural materials and finishes, and a small grove of aspen tree trunks “planted” under a skylight forms a unique reading area, echoing the region’s natural beauty.


Basalt, Colorado


22,000 sf


LEED Silver Certified
One of Colorado’s top 25 must-see buildings by USA Today in 2018

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3003 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

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