Bowers Residences at South City

Located on the site of an old granite mill in an area that is rapidly transforming as part of an aggressive redevelopment effort driven by the City of South Salt Lake, the Bowers Residences at South City will sit at the heart of a walkable downtown area connected to the regional and local public transit system via new light rail and streetcar routes.

OZ’s design makes an artfully bold, colorful and eclectic statement, with premium materials, an appealing and often surprising color and textural palette, and abundant natural light prominent in the building’s shared spaces. The end result structurally and stylistically is a building whose design is meant to endure, with elements that reweave a neighborhood’s urban fabric, cultivate connection and encourage enlightened circulation.


City of South Salt Lake, Utah


300 units
Boutique retail
Commercial and coworking spaces

Practice Areas

Urban Planning + Experience Design
Urban Living + Mixed Use

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