Denver Fire Department Station No. 40

Denver voters approved a Capital Improvement Bond project for DFD Fire Station No. 40 to satisfy the impending growth around the airport. The program called for three bays housing shifts for up to eight firefighters and, new to Denver, accommodations for two EMTs. Working with city engineers, OZ located the entrance and egress as close to Telluride, the cross street, as possible. This allowed the apparatus to exit the opposite lane a short distance along 56th, keeping the functioning median. Building efficiency was maximized with a compact footprint in a simple articulated shape to meet the scope and approve the budget. Brick masonry was selected for its economic value and robustness, with the ability to add visual interest through the patterning and detailing of the walls. The health and welfare of the users were prioritized, with the station functions located based on a separation of red, yellow, and green zones and an innovative central decontamination area. Further health benefits include stress-reducing elements of a large, partially covered outdoor court off-the-day room for grilling and socializing, a private room for personal time, and copious natural light in the living, offices, and apparatus bays areas.


Denver, Colorado


17,244 sf
3 Apparatus Bays, Drive Thru Bays
10 Sleeping Quarters
Office Space
Fitness Room
Kitchen and Dining
Private Courtyard
Hose Tower

Practice Areas


Scope of Services

Interior Design

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3003 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

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