Economist is a community designed with smart, highly efficient living spaces averaging 320 sf complemented by unique amenities that unify two buildings as one cohesive structure. Inspired by minimalist living, the design thoughtfully maximizes every inch of space for optimal storage and daily use resulting in a spacious and comfortable floorplan in each unit. The common areas throughout the buildings allow for connectivity without sacrificing privacy for an exceptionally high standard of living.

The buildings take cues from the materiality and playful applications of color found in the surrounding historic homes in the neighborhood. Celebrating Denver’s evolution into a denser, more urban metropolis, it represents a different yet attainable way of life that cherishes the experiences beyond the walls of one’s home as much as those within.


Denver, Colorado


50,000 sf
2 buildings
97 market rate micro apartments

Practice Areas

Urban Living + Mixed Use

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Tennyson Place

Neon Local



3003 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

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