Jalan Spa

With roots in Malaysia and Beijing, the urban facial spa, Jalan, developed a Denver location to deliver affordable facials that revitalize the senses. OZ designed the space to reflect the restorative amenities Jalan offers into an enveloping experience with warm natural elements, modern Asian influence, and clean lines for an uncomplicated and invigorating visit.

Clean lines and uncluttered retail space create an effortless first impression welcoming guests into a comfortable atmosphere. Visual graphics on the wall describe each step of the journey for guests to anticipate services that await. As you move into and around the treatment areas, the soothing effect of nature is present with biophilic design elements such as water features and plant installations that refresh the space and emphasize Jalan’s holistic approach. Collaboration with Monroe & Newell


Denver, Colorado


2,600 sf

Practice Areas

Retail + Restaurant

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250 Columbine

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3003 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

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