South Metro Fire Rescue No. 20

OZ's new fire station project is historically designed and detailed in deference to the character of the adjacent historic Highlands Ranch Mansion and Park. The project required extensive site studies to determine location and impact in addition to critical apparatus circulation on rolling hills of the area. Working closely with the local neighborhood group and interested parties, OZ developed a project of mass, scale, materials, and rural character to harmonize with its surroundings and the neighborhood desires through a series of community meetings. The new station is designed to meet the current and future needs of the fire department and the community, improving the response times and services to the area. Working with the Highland Ranch Metropolitan District's desire to use the eclectic, historic ranch as a model for a new barn like structure, OZ studied classical stone and brick barns to meet the desires of the neighborhood as well as the functional needs of South Metro Fire. The historic proportions allowed what was a hayloft to now house a multilevel mezzanine for mechanical equipment and storage. The result is a unique expression, historically appropriate, well proportioned, and long lasting, while maintaining the functional needs of the station.


Highlands Ranch, Colorado


10,565 sf


2021 Firehouse Station Design Award - Bronze, Career 2

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